What to Do While You’re Waiting For Rejection

Are you a writer? Are your currently spinning in an office chair waiting for rejection? Here are some ways to pass the time.

  1. Watch The Pug Files.
  2. Make yourself a third cup of coffee.
  3. Decorate the ceiling by launching pencils into orbit.
  4. In school? Critique your colleague’s short story, poem, or essay with the passive aggressiveness you’ve stored since they’ve critiqued your work.
  5. Dating? Married? Remind your significant other to pick up some milk instead of saying that you love them. (Pretty synonymous though right?)
  6. Stalk your favorite literary magazine on Twitter.
  7. Cheer when one of your favorite writers follows you back. (OMG is this real life?)
  8. Play Tampon Run. It’s pretty addictive.
  9. Make a stupid list like this one.
  10. Take a lunch break. You’ve earned it.
  11. Grading papers? Fail everyone!! Muahaha.
  12. No, no. That’s not nice!
  13. Don’t give up. Keep writing.
  14. No seriously, you’re wasting time!
  15. Go write silly!

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