#LeapDay Reading List

The Oscars

  • Jenny Beavan gave zero clucks  about Hollywood glamour as she accepted her Oscar for Best Costume Design in an embezzled leather jacket.
  • Mark Ruffalo made women (and men) everywhere swoon.
  • Lady Gaga used her voice to amplify the experiences of survivors. (And Joe Biden introduced her!)
  • Ya boy Leo finally won an Oscar and made a damn good point about climate change.
  • Chris Rock addressed the lack of inclusion and diversity of Hollywood.
  • Alejandro Iñárritu commented on #OscarsSoWhite while accepting an Oscar for Best Director.
  • Oops! #ThatsNotOprah!
  • Oh, and I took three naps.

Justice For Flint

  • Celebrities, artists, and activists rallied together to demand change for the people of Flint, Michigan.
  • Yet, politicians continue to be negligent and harmful.

Black History Month

There you have it folks! That’s what I’ve been up to! May your #LeapDay be filled with joy, hope, and wonder! I got a date with the ocean.

Yours truly,

Denise Nichole Andrews

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