Spring Cleaning Tips for Writers and Creatives

Want to be more productive with your craft? Follow these steps.

1. Remove the clutter. An over abundance of “stuff” can cramp your mind and creative process.
2. Organize your notes. Look through those random items that contain your ideas and brainstorming. What is important? What is not? What have you completed? What do you still have to do? Anything that is not of use can be shredded or deleted.
3. Plan your day. Tackle your projects by maximizing your time and resources. Make it a point to schedule your tasks and assignments so that you are making the most out of every day.
4. Utilize technology. Too many papers? Take notes using your gadgets. Don’t want to waste your expensive tools? Use apps that are designed to help you practice and perfect your art.
5. Clean up immediately. Sometimes things get messy but the longer you let time pass, the more things will accumulate. Take five to ten minutes of every day to put things back in order.
6. Have a space of your own. Designate a place for yourself to write and create. Treat it as your own. Respect it and care for it. By valuing your creative space you will grow to appreciate it.
7. Ensure that everything has a place. Tired of losing that favorite pen? Then keep it somewhere special. Keep your tools, resources, and technology in the designated space where you create. If you are using your materials in other areas that are unfamiliar, temporary, or new- be sure to have the right storage.
8. Sort out your emails. If it’s spam, get rid of it. If it’s important, save it. Make sure to check your email so that you are informed and aware of possible opportunities. This may require you to use separate emails for your professional and personal life.
9. Donate unread books and unused tools. If you aren’t using it or reading it, give it away to someone who will. Communities everywhere are in need of materials. Your donation can make a difference to somebody.
10. Tidy up your desktop. Make use of folders so that you don’t lose important documents and information. Title every single document and photograph as well. Make sure to back up your data so that you don’t risk losing everything.

Keep this tips in mind as you pursue creative excellence. Best of luck.

Denise Nichole Andrews

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tips for Writers and Creatives”

  1. The dining table office/art studio/homework desk setup pretty much rules out some of these, but, one day I will have a space where things can have proper homes, where ‘away’ exists, and there’s enough space!

    1. I think that is a solid point and a great goal. Sometimes creators, writers, and students have to make the most of what they have. The situation may not always be ideal, but as long as you are creating, you are thriving. -Denise Nichole Andrews

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