A Message From Our Fairy Godmamas and Sistas

#BlackGirlsRock is sweeping the globe as women and girls are reminded of their worth, magic, and excellence. Danai Gurira, who was recognized for her Star Power, mentioned the importance of having a fairy godmama or sister-someone to look up to as you pursue your goals and dreams. Here are some powerful words and insights to remember from our beloved Fairy Godmamas and Sistas from the night that rocked the world!

Beverly Bond on self love, value, and worth,

“Why do I have to get permission from you, to affirm me?”

“Our presence matters. Our voices matter. Our complexities matter. Our resilience matters. Our strength matters. Our safety matters. All that we are matters.”

“Own your magic. Walk in your purpose. Rock your truth.”

Danai Gurira on greatness, power, and resilience, 

“You are designed for greatness.”

“Your power and your resilience will help heal this world.”

Amanda Seales on living,

“Exist without question.”

Estelle on individual purpose and growth,

“Be clear. Be secure.”

Gladys Knight on self respect and bonds,

“When you respect yourself. You learn how to respect others.”

“I had a black girl in my life who rocked. I called her mom.”

Shonda Rhimes on changing the world,

“Change the world and when you’ve done that, change it again.”

Nia Long on sisterhood, 

“Sisterhood is the cornerstone to understanding one another and creating bonds that are unbreakable.”

Kimberly Elise on togetherness,

“Sisterhood is oneness, rising together.”

Go get em ladies!

-Denise Nichole Andrews

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