The Most \m/ Links of the Week

Here’s a round up of stories (some older, some newer) that rock!

“Solidarity is awareness, and the ability to listen if you say you’re going to. It’s standing beside me or behind me, not in front of me.”

“Black women’s existence is rebellion. Our smiles are protest. When we live so can another generation.”


“If metal contains so many pockets of racism and sexism, why are women and people of color drawn to it? For exactly the same reasons as the white guys: It makes them feel good.”

“I knew that they wouldn’t understand, and that really caused a lot of depression for me as a kid because I really didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to about it.”

Wow. Am I right?

Women and (some men too) continue to challenge preconceived notions about race and gender. Their contributions to music and storytelling are hard to ignore and I for one am fully appreciative.

-Denise Nichole Andrews

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