What Creative Writers, Journalists, and Bloggers Can Learn From Eachother

The distinction between creative writers, journalists, and bloggers is important to note. But truth be told we can all learn a lot from one another. Especially since our skills are utilized in different ways. Creative writers develop poems, short stories, novels, and screenplays. Journalists write well researched and investigative pieces or interview personalities and celebrities. Bloggers take a more personal approach and respond to current events, social issues, and themes through an intimate dialogue or exchange. The techniques all vary, but can improve our quality of writing immensely.

What can we learn from creative writers? 

For starters creative writers have an eye for detail. Each word, phrase, and sentence is selected. Bloggers and journalists often have to abide by a word count. The length is determined from the start, so it is important to be mindful of our choices.

Creative writers also have the ability to channel different styles and voices. Screenwriters are well versed in dialogue and mood while poets have the ability to condense big emotions and feelings into smaller works of writing. Novelists and essayists alike know how to convey meanings through depictions of people in relation to historical moments, universal truths, or ironic happenings. The connections feel personal and real even if they are fictional.

Like creative writers, journalists and bloggers must be distinct. Though the manner of reporting or informing is different, they are still presented with the task of urgency. What sets them apart may be discovered through their writing.


What can we learn from journalists? 

Though some journalists and contributors have the opportunity to express their opinions on specific platforms, they must present the facts. Credibility is everything. Readers rely on journalists for the truth. Biases may be present within certain publications, but it is the responsibility of the journalist to earn the respect and trust of the audience. That is why journalists research on subjects extensively. That is why journalists focus on particular topics and themes.

Creative writers and bloggers can observe the way in which journalists spin a story. How do they engage the audience? How do they convince and persuade readers and viewers alike? By hooking them in. By establishing sources. By owning the truth.

Being objective presents obstacles for journalists at every point in their career, but being knowledgeable of facts, in relation to social, historical, cultural, and global issues can elevate content.

What can we learn from bloggers?

Bloggers don’t have to abide by any rules but their own. Sponsored content may have guidelines or expectations, but bloggers make it interesting. Bloggers know how to make the day to day routines of their life entertaining. They appeal to emotions. They utilize humor and sarcasm when appropriate. They do not hide what they feel regardless if its happiness, sadness, or anger.

Creative writers and journalists can learn how to be unapologetic. Not everything we write is going to appease everyone. Not every interview will go according to plan. Not everything we do will resonate. But guess what? That’s okay! As long as we are fulfilled by our craft, careers, and passions, the rest will figure itself out. It takes time to develop a voice, style, and following. Years! Decades even.

We don’t always need to know the answers to every question, but at the very least we must be willing to ask them.

Keep writing,

Denise Nichole Andrews



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