Belonging: Essays that Highlight the Relationship between Presence and Identity

Being a woman of color in predominately white spaces can be conflicting. Read how these women rose above it.

I quit my media job when the company did’t care about diversity by Rowana Abbensetts  via The Tempest

“In an organization that uses Black and Latino faces at every opportunity, I found it appalling that there would be such a strong culture of silence around these killings. There were no social media posts on the shootings and no effort made to acknowledge the traumatic events within the office.”

And Do You Belong? I Do by Solange Knowles via Saint Heron

“You’re full of passion and shock, so you share this story on Twitter, hands shaking, because you actually want these women to face accountability in some kind of way. You know that you cannot speak to them with out it escalating because they have no respect for you or your son, and this will only end badly for you and feel it’s not worth getting the police involved. So, you are hoping they will hear you this way.

You know when you share this that a part of the population is going to side with the women who threw trash at you. You know that they will come up with every excuse to remove that huge part of the incident and make this about you standing up at a concert blocking someone’s view.”

Westerners and conservative Muslims: stop telling me what to wear by Alaa Basatneh via Fusion

“The first group wants me to take off my long-sleeved shirt and hijab, and wear short-shorts, so I can be liberated from oppression. The second says I’m too westernized, urging me to cover up so I can become a “true” Muslim woman. They hold opposing views, but fundamentally have the same goal: to control my body.”



Way to stick it ladies.

Live unapologetically! Make a statement.


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