World Mental Health Day

Today is a day with you at the center. Are you taking care of yourself? Maybe you are fulfilling the needs of your soul and body, but what about your mind?

Here are five things to remember:

  1. Don’t over exert yourself. There is a misconception that we all need to be busy all the time. Don’t be fooled. Work hard and tend to your responsibilities but rest too. If sleeping is difficult or you find it hard to relax, utilize meditation, or other activities to calm your nerves.
  2. Reach out. If you are overwhelmed or stressed, speak up. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings with a loved one or family member, don’t be ashamed to contact a therapist or counselor. It is okay to feel like you are not okay. But bottling those feelings inside can be detrimental. It’s important to seek help when you are struggling. Don’t worry about what other people think.
  3. Allow yourself time. Healing is not instant. It is a journey. You will find yourself taking leaps at times. In other instances, you may only take baby steps. Regardless of the progress, you are moving towards a place of self acceptance and love.
  4. Grant yourself the freedom to grow. Growth is measured by perseverance not perfection. Don’t ever give up on yourself and listen to the voice inside you that screams and whispers for help. Answer that voice. Trust yourself.
  5. Know that you are worthy. In life you will face many obstacles and battles. Confront them with bravery and courage. Know that moments of defeat are temporary and that victory is an every day occasion. After all, You are here. You are alive. You are deserving. You are enough.


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