Women are at the Center of Revolutionary Change

The Women’s March on Washington will be a historical day.  I will be participating in the Women’s March on Sacramento (a sister march) and am truly looking forward to seeing my community come together. I know that change is within our reach and that we can play an important role in contributing to a positive and productive narrative- one that values women, families, and youth. Here is a reading list to remind us of what our goals are and to inspire us as we prepare to march:

Mental Preparation for the Women’s March on Washington by Denise Nichole Andrews (yes, that’s me!) on Femsplain

“We must resist all forms of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia. We must stress the importance of affordable access to healthcare for all- regardless of gender, age, or preexisting conditions. Marching, protesting, and demonstrating is all for a purpose — often times many of these initiatives intersect. Remember yours.”

Thousands in D.C. will stand with women. Here’s how to stand with them from home. by Robbie Couch on Upworthy

“Contribute to an organization or two you care about — be it Planned Parenthood (the national group or local chapters), Emily’s List (which helps get more women elected to office), the NAACP, the National Network of Abortion Funds, Black Girls Code, the ACLU, National Women’s Law Center, NARAL, Girls Write Now, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Purple Purse, or others. Every dollar helps.”

“The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for the Women’s March” by Lisa Ryan on The Cut

Check out this guide for tips on what to wear, what to bring, safety precautions, and other last minute details.

Are you ready for the Women’s March? This video will get you excited! #IWillMarch on Mogul

Reasons why I and other amazing women have decided to march!


Have any insights to add? I would love to hear about them!

Saturday is nearly approaching! Who is ready to make a difference?

In solidarity,

Denise Nichole Andrews




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