Save the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is under attack. Efforts to repeal and replace the act have been delayed after votes have fallen short, but as citizens of the United States and defenders of our liberties and rights, we must be vigilant.

Though you may feel as though change (to our detriment) is inevitable, you can take these steps to make your voice heard:

  1. Stay informed. Keep up to date on what is happening in Washington D.C. because what happens on Capitol Hill affects us all. Don’t feel helpless or defeated just yet. Even though you may feel tiresome and worried, there is still hope. When you begin to feel overexerted, rest and take a break. The information will still be accessible tomorrow.
  2. Apply that knowledge to help and educate others. I reside in California- which just so happens to be a symbol of hope and progress. While some think California is full of rebels and “snowflakes” we are an avalanche of educators, professionals, politicians, leaders, students, and innovators who will continue to fight the good fight. Since I am informed on the main issues within my state and local community, I am assured of the possibilities despite any setbacks. Look to your community as a source of comfort and assurance. Build your community up! Serve your community in the ways that you can. Utilize your respective skills to ensure progress. If you don’t feel support where you live, consider starting your own collective or online group to meet others who will lift you up and keep you up to date. Your safety matters and there are resources that can help you.
  3. Take action. Once you are familiar with the policies  on national, state, and local level, make some noise! Yes! ABC7 news (and others sources confirm) that, “House Republican leaders have postponed a vote on their health care bill in a setback for President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan”. Now  that the Republican party is struggling to advance, we must make our demands known once again. Healthcare issue is a bipartisan issue since repealing and replacing the ACA will leave millions uninsured.
  4. Reach out.  The House representatives will be faced with a historical decision. Contact Representative Cole, Representative Woodall, Representative Burgess, Representative Collins, Representative Byrne, Representative Newhouse, Representative Buck, Representative Cheney, Representative Sessions (Chairman), Representative Slaughter, Representative McGovern, Representative Hastings, Representative Polis and others who will be voting and rallying. Be sure to contact your representative (through facebook, email, twitter, letter, online form, appointment,town hall, meeting), since some will not respond to constituents outside of their district.
  5. Keep at it. Regardless of what happens tomorrow and in the future, we must stay involved. These efforts to protect the most vulnerable will be met with a lot of hostility and rejection, yet we cannot let that defeat us from the ultimate goals of liberation, equity, and justice. Participate in local efforts within your community. That involves online and offline action. If you are unsure of where to start, think about what you have to lose if the ACA is repealed. What about your family? Friends? Colleagues? Start there and don’t let up.
  6. Hold each other accountable. We DO answer to one another. Our politicians and representatives are serving us. We are serving one another. Since I work in public service, I know of the great responsibility and duty I have as a community leader, organizer, and educator. But regardless of what title each individual holds, we owe it to one another to do better. Restoring he faith of our broken society will take time. Uniting this country will take time. But healing is possible. Many of our politicians and leaders DO care about what happens and are using every minute of every day to preserve our freedoms and to create more opportunity and change. As members of this global society, we must do the same. Healthcare is not a red or blue issue. It is not about us vs. them. It is not about the 99% vs the 1% but Trumpcare in it’s current state will continue to divide us. This administration will stop at nothing to intimidate the American people and American leaders into giving in to faulty and sketchy legislation. An ultimatum won’t scare us nor will any other desperate attempts or tantrums. This is not the time to rush. Not at all.

Let’s remind them who is boss!

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